Événements en Français
Les événements en langue française Notre idée de fournir plus d'informations en langue originale aux analystes et aux personnes qui souhaitent en devenir un a commencé à prendre sa forme. Cette édition parle des événements en français qui auront lieu en avril-mai 2021. Nous mettrons à jour cette...
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Webinar: Why BA competencies are needed to become circular
With Michael Boyle's presentation, IIBA Brussels chapter attracted a wide audience from many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and beyond.  One of the founders of the Austrian chapter and CBAP certified, Michael clearly also is an expert in Circular Economy. With...
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IIBA Brussels Chapter organises a Volunteering Speed Date
IIBA Brussels Chapter is looking to extend its volunteering family and active community. That's why we are organising a Volunteering Speed Date on the 29th and/or 31st of March 2021.  Do you believe in the purpose of enabling change for better business outcomes through...
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Survey Community Event: Growth Hacking for BAs
On the 23th of February, IIBA Brussels Chapter organised its second Survey Community Session, this time on "BA Training". It started with an introduction on the survey results on BA Training: This 10-minute introduction was then followed by a 20-minute insightful discussion on the following...
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Poems for Data Privacy Day 2021
On the 28th of January 2021 we celebrated Data Privacy Day by asking our community for poems, as in some parts of the world, people also celebrated fun-at-work-day and poetry day. Find below the most popular results: What is your approach to GDPR.  It is like Three Little Pigs that go out...
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Webinar: How to tackle businesses' biggest challenge: resistance to change and employee performance
Last week, the IIBA Brussels Chapter hosted an inspiring webinar with Agnesia Agrella from Symetize about "How to tackle businesses' biggest challenge: resistance to change and employee performance". During this webinar, Agnesia answerred a very pertinent question: "Why is change so...
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Webinar: How to tell better stories?
Earlier in November, the IIBA Brussels Chapter hosted an inspiring online session with Bram Dyzers, business analyst and trainer at The Master Labs. At least 30 million presentations are given each day! How many of those presentations actually succeed? We don't really know the answer to this...
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Third BABOK® Study Group in 2021
The IIBA® Brussels Chapter wants to foster awareness on the added value of what business analysis can deliver for organisations. By promoting and facilitating the understanding of the BABOK®, we want to contribute pro-actively to the professionalisation of business analysis in Belgium. The more...
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IIBA Brussels Chapter: 10th Anniversary in a letter
Below, you can read a letter from Stefan Bossuwé, Joint-President of IIBA Brussels Chapter, on the occasion of our 10th Anniversary. Dear BA enthusiast, Twelve years ago - in September 2008, a bunch of BA enthusiasts - including myself - came together with the idea that there was a real need...
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Webinar: The Case for Business Analysts on Agile Teams
On 8th of October, the IIBA Brussels Chapter was very happy to invite Judy Alter, "The Optimistic BA", for having a session on "The Case for Business Analysts on Agile Teams". In Agile teams, business analysts can serve as domain experts and their leadership skills are invaluable. That's...
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