BABOK Study Group 2021: A testimonial

Yonathan Bosman, freelance Business Analyst located in Belgium on the BABOK Study Group 2021:

I participated in the 2021 BABOK study group. Since I started my professional career in 2006, I have evolved from operations to product management to business analysis. Having the experience of these different roles is an added value now as a business analyst, as it allows me to analyze cases/ projects from different perspectives. It however remains for any new case/ project a challenge to develop the right approach to perform business analysis. To enrich the number of tools in my business analysis toolbox, I decided to subscribe to the BABOK Study group organized by IIBA Brussels Chapter.
The study group allows to work in a team on a self-defined business case using the principles of the Business Analysis Book of Knowledge (BABOK). Each session some chapters of the book are explained by the persons of IIBA together with concrete advices on how to apply this to your team business case after which it is up to you as a team to work on your business case and present the result at the start of the next session. As it evolves month by month, the business case grows and the links between the different steps in the analysis become visible and understandable. That’s where the second added value element of the Study group appears. Next to new tools and methodologies, it gives you new insights in how steps, elements, actions,…  performed during a business analysis are linked and interact with each other.
Last but not least I must mention the added value for your network. As you’re intensively collaborating with new persons all with different backgrounds, you are widening your own network while sharing your insights and ideas.
The participation to the Study group has provided me with new tools, new insights, new tips and tricks, new contacts. It’s a real valuable experience which I would recommend to every business analyst to participate if you have the chance to do so.

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