Tuesday, October 5, 2021, IIBA Brussels Chapter hosted a webinar called "The 9 Principles of Requirements Engineering" with Hans Van Loenhoud.

IREB – the International Requirements Engineering Board – defines a globally accepted certification scheme on various topics regarding shaping (digital) systems and solutions.
At the end of 2020, IREB published a major update of the Foundation Level for the CPRE scheme. This Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering is a personal certificate aimed at individuals working in Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis and Testing, with 60.000 people now holding a CPRE certificate.

One of the new topics in the CPRE FL 3.0 is the definition of the Fundamental Principles of Requirements Engineering, a clear set of principles that form the basis for the practices presented in the syllabus:

  1. Value-orientation: Requirements are a means to an end, not an end in itself.
  2. Stakeholders: RE is about satisfying the stakeholders’ desires and needs.
  3. Shared understanding: Successful systems development is impossible without a common basis.
  4. Context: Systems cannot be understood in isolation.
  5. Problem – Requirement – Solution: An inevitably intertwined triple.
  6. Validation: Non-validated requirements are useless.
  7. Evolution: Changing requirements are no accident, but the normal case.
  8. Innovation: More of the same is not enough.
  9. Systematic and disciplined work: We can’t do without in RE

In this webinar, Hans van Loenhoud explained these principles and their practical significance for BA. Reviewing the classics of requirements engineering, he emphasized the importance of quality requirements which can prevent failure of a project. Work of requirements engineer is concentrated around 9 principles which compose a specific framework, helping to keep a holistic approach, but not losing details. This framework keeps a requirements engineer focused on the goal, a future value that should be delivered to a client.

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Intrigued by how this webinar can help you be a better BA? Join the learning and rewatch the webinar on our YouTube channel. The slides which were presented can be consulted here
Did you ask a question but was the time up? Hans took the time to answer all of your questions here

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