Our Team

Our Team


Filip Hendrickx


Filip is a BA coach and innovation consultant. He founded altershape to help organisations with achieving their strategic goals and becoming more effective innovators.
Filip started his career in multimedia, as a researcher and software developer, moving into business analysis, business architecture and innovation later on. In his coaching, training and consulting work, he bridges BA with lean startup and innovation techniques.
Within the IIBA Brussels Chapter and as founder of the BA & Beyond conference, Filip helps to grow the BA profession and to build the BA community in and around Belgium.

Kristof Peeters


Kristof considers analysis as his passion. He is working for more than 20 years as an IT consultant. He is eager in motivating people by using technical as well as analytical skills. In 2011, he discovered the goals and values of IIBA and has been frequenting the events of the Brussels Chapter on a regular basis. In 2019 Kristof decided in getting more involved in the IIBA Brussels chapter and is currently facilitating the chapter events.

Robin Smets


Robin Smets is a Senior Consultant in the banking & insurance industry with a keen focus on Business Analysis & Agile Transformation. He worked on several international client projects in domains like fund management, finance, credits, retail banking, HR and insurance in both predictive and adaptive environments. He is also active as BA Competence Centre Leader at Contraste Europe.

Robin has a passion for productivity and effectiveness and is always looking for innovative ways to help organizations reap the advantages of correctly applying the principles of chosen methodologies. He thrives on solving complex situations and trying to depict them in the simplest way possible.

Ann Leemans


Ann Leemans is an experienced Management Consultant at Harmony Group with a solid track record in the financial industry. In a continuously evolving digital environment and the changing importance of project approaches, Ann's expertise is to advise and facilitate strategic thinking exercises while placing people at the core of organizational change and transformation. Ann joined the IIBA Brussels Chapter in September 2019 to take care of the Marketing and Communication strategy in order to reach out to the expanding Business Analysis community in Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Stefan Bossuwé


Being passionate about business analysis, Stefan Bossuwé founded together with a small group of BA enthusiasts the IIBA® Brussels Chapter (covering Belgium and Luxembourg) in 2009, where he got appointed as Chairman.
He’s got more than 25 years of experience in various roles and in a wide range of different business domains and became in 2012 the very first CBAP® in Belgium and Luxembourg.
Stefan assists organisations in increasing their maturity on business analysis: coaching, introducing and deploying methodologies & best practices, etc ...
Stefan firmly believes in the importance of business analysis. He spends much of his time promoting the business analysis profession and shares his knowledge and experience as a speaker at various international conferences and seminars.

Saartje Lambregts


Saartje Lambregts is junior business analyst at Contraste Europe. She started out her career as Bid Coordinator at USG People where she worked for almost two years. Before that, she studied applied economical sciences and mastered in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Her education and experience have led her to have a broad interest field and knowledge area which in turn led her onto the path of becoming a business analyst. She aims to grow in the field of business analysis to broaden and deepen her knowledge areas and to discover her talents and passions along the way.
As a member of the IIBA community, she hopes to give back to the community, learn from it and connect with the people involved.

Irina M


Irina is a business analyst with a software development and engineering background, having a strong base received in the scientific environment. During the last years, she works also as a Project Manager and Product Owner. She is a certified PSM and PSPO.
She continues development in both analytical and managerial directions, interested in challenges that require a mix of skills from different domains. Her past experience is related to the transport and insurance industries but is not limited to them.

Sam De Waele


Sam is an ambitious and creative business analyst who likes to solve complex problems in a correct and effective way. As co-founder of TPO Agency, he aims to deliver great digital products by attaining a holistic view that helps streamline the business processes, design challenges and development efforts of the clients.
With his background in engineering and business economics, Sam started his career as a project engineer in the 3D printing industry. After 4 years as a project engineer, he took a step into the unknown and became a business analyst. Now more than ever, he found his passion for business analysis and start-up entrepreneurship and wants to expand his knowledge every day!
In 2019 Sam decided to broaden his network by joining the IIBA Brussels Chapter and helping organize the IIBA study group.

Maxime Temmerman


I have been working as a business analyst and product owner on mainly CRM and ERP projects for the last few years. Before I entered the world of Business Analysis, I have spent a few years as an implementation consultant for a big data startup. With a technical background as an engineer and some additional years studying international economics and management, I try to bridge business and development. Making the switch from the technical side to the business side has more than ever helped me to understand and join the discussions within project teams.
As a member of IIBA Brussels Chapter, I am eager to help improve the visibility (and importance) of the business analyst in a company and project team. Being part of IIBA I aim to gain more knowledge and extend my network.

Joris Bommers


Joris is an enthusiastic, versatile, practical and competent person who has a wide range of experiences in Business Change, Management of Change, Training, Project and Program Management. Joris likes to contribute to organizational improvement, growth and development. He is motivated by bringing people together, assisting teams to get things done. The people side of technology implementation and organizational change, a unique blend of people skills and business expertise. Highly flexible with the ability to learn and adapt quickly whilst maintaining a good sense of humor.

Patsy Wouters


Patsy Wouters is a Business Analyst/Business Consultant and PMI certified Project Manager.
She carries over 36 years of experience in various roles for Automotive, Government, Banking, Telecom and Security projects. She has international/global expertise in a multi-vendor environment.
Being co-founder of the Brussels IIBA Chapter launched in March 2009 in Belgium, she also fulfils the secretary role for that organisation.

Seray Yilmaz


Seray has experience as a Solution Architect at Siemens and as an Application Consultant at Arcelik A.S-Beko for 5 years. Before that, she was responsible for Quality Management Systems at Denge Kimya Factory for 2 years. She worked for digitalisation, software solution provider in IT departments for 6.5 years in total.
She loves solving the problems and creating a solution for different systems and for end-users. She is a Mendix Rapid developer and interested to create an application with low-code.
Seray joined IIBA Brussels Chapter in January 2021. She noticed that international IT people need more help more than locals in the Belgium and Luxembourg region. She wants to support international young BAs and expat BAs in the Belgium and Luxembourg area and continue to improve herself in parallel.

Ann Mistiaen


Ann Mistiaen started her IT career in early 2000 as a consultant and a functional tester. After building up experience across numerous projects she now works as business analysts for Novado (a software innovation company) providing solutions for both internal and external clients.
Ann's main BA interests are process analysis and visual facilitation. She loves sharing her thoughts and experiences with the BA community.

Nikolaas De Graeve


Nikolaas De Graeve started his career in IT and communications in 1998. After building up experience across numerous projects he now works as business analysts for Novado (a software innovation company) providing solutions for both internal and external clients.
Nikolaas' main BA interests are requirements elicitation and strategic BA. He loves using visual facilitation techniques and sharing his thoughts and experiences with the BA community.

Barbara Barducci


Barbara is an experienced business analyst who has worked on a wide range of projects in the public and private sectors, in Italy and in Belgium.
She currently works for the European Commission as Business and Process Analyst.
She has extensive experience in gathering business and functional requirements, writing use cases, functional specification, testing and quality assurance.
She obtained the CBAP®  (Certified Business Analysis Professional™) certification in March 2014 and joined the board of the IIBA® Brussels Chapter in June 2014.

Filip De Sutter