Become a Volunteer for our Chapter!

Hi BA enthusiast,

I am Filip, IIBA Brussels Chapter President and I genuinely believe that when people join forces to work towards a shared purpose, magnificent things can happen.

That's by far the main reason why I joined IIBA Brussels Chapter. To help organisations in their change endeavours, through supporting, enabling and engaging our business analysis community. To play a small yet essential part in making a dent, just like everyone else in our community.

  • Do you believe in the purpose of enabling change for better business outcomes through business analysis?
  • Are you driven to extend your mastery of BA soft and hard skills, by working with and for our community on BA related events and activities?
  • Is the autonomy to work on those topics that lie close to your heart, in the way you believe is the right way, and supported by other community members, giving you lots of energy?

Do you also want to make a dent?

Then join our forces as IIBA Brussels Chapter volunteer.

Who and what are we looking for? Well, the first and key question really is: what do you believe you can and want to contribute?

We do have some suggestions for what's possible, where you could help out:

  • Member engagement & experience experts
  • Content creators & curators
  • Branch builders
  • Social media smarties
  • Multimedia masters
  • Awesome admins
  • Community crafters
  • Sponsor scouts
  • Survey savvies
  • Corporate collaborators
  • ...

Just be aware that this list is not exhaustive nor limitative!

Why you should volunteer with us:

  • You'll get a chance to contribute to the Business Analysis community in Belgium (and beyond).
  • You get to be part of our community, meeting a lot of interesting people that have years of experience in the field of business analysis or that are new with a fresh perspective on things.
  • Your contributions will look good on your resume (and LinkedIn if you like).
  • You will get the opportunity to craft your volunteering in a way that gives you energy and satisfaction.

Intrigued but not "there yet"? Get in touch with us:

Filip on behalf of the IIBA Brussels Chapter team.

PS: Interested but not, physically or digitally, close to Belgium or Luxembourg? There are many Chapters globally that are happy to welcome you!
PPS: Obviously, I have to thank Daniel Pink for some of the inspiration that helped me write this text. :-)