Hybrid Event: How Business Analysis can make change stick
How Business Analysis can make change stick In February, we hosted a hybrid event about making change stick as a BA with Filip Hendrickx. You can find the feedback and materials below. Some of our feedback: "Deep listening (what do people feel), look at all...
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Event: An introduction to the BABOK® guide and our 2023 Study Group
On 6 December, Saint-Nicholas brought presents, while Stefan Bossuwé and Robin Smets introduced over 40 interested participants to the intriguing world of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge. After an introduction to event host DXC Technology's mission, values and activities by Denise...
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Webinar: Humans are Hard, Code is Easy
Skills get you the job, influence gets you the career Past month, we hosted a webinar about BA Collaboration with Tom Henricksen. An international crowd joined in on Tom’s story. The different characters we could relate to definitely brought things to life. While there’s much...
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Event: Create Product Focus
On the 29th of September and the 6th of October, we were happy to organise an in-person event with Julia Müller, an Agile Coach with a focus on Product Ownership. The session gave an answer to the question of what we are doing wrong when we should be focussing on the product. She reminds us...
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***Survey Closed *** Win a prize through IIBA's Global State of BA Survey!
Tell us how you perform business analysis and have a chance to win a 50 Euro voucher and support Ukraine! How is BA evolving? How does your BA role and work compare to other industries and countries? Share your situation in this year's #IIBA Global State of Business Analysis Survey...
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Global State of Business Analysis Survey: Your voice matters!
Are you curious to know how our BA profession is evolving? Or how Business Analysis is done in Belgium compared to other regions? To find out, we've initiated collaboration with IIBA Global. This year, we're inviting you to participate in the Global State of BA Survey. In return, you'll...
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Webinar: L’Agilité & les Options Réelles (French)
Webinaire présenté par Claus Hirzmann (Jeudi, le 19 mai 2022) Optimiser la structure du projet : séquencement et dégrée de parallélisation.Les concepts AGILE sont particulièrement attentifs à la création de valeur. Savoir mesurer la création de valeur est donc une capacité essentielle...
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Webinar: Big Data, Data Science, IA : Quelles différences ? Quels enjeux ? (French)
Présenté par Gilles Bach, spécialiste dans la Big Data et des transformations digitales, le webinaire explique les définitions et des valeurs de Big Data pour la vie moderne. Nous vivons dans le monde de la Data et nous exploitons les Data pour nos besoins. Big Data est composée d’ingénierie de...
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BABOK Study Group 2021: A testimonial
Yonathan Bosman, freelance Business Analyst located in Belgium on the BABOK Study Group 2021: “I participated in the 2021 BABOK study group. Since I started my professional career in 2006, I have evolved from operations to product management to business analysis. Having the experience of...
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Tuesday, October 5, 2021, IIBA Brussels Chapter hosted a webinar called "The 9 Principles of Requirements Engineering" with Hans Van Loenhoud. IREB – the International Requirements Engineering Board – defines a globally accepted certification scheme on various topics regarding shaping...
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