Webinar: Humans are Hard, Code is Easy

Skills get you the job, influence gets you the career

Past month, we hosted a webinar about BA Collaboration with Tom Henricksen. An international crowd joined in on Tom’s story. The different characters we could relate to definitely brought things to life.

While there’s much to take away from this talk about communication, relationships and influence, consciously making time for communication was one of the “red threads.”

  • Consciously checking our conversation partner’s preferred way of communicating;
  • Consciously crafting our message from the perspective of our conversation partner;
  • Consciously listening, making eye contact, observing body language, reading between the lines;
  • Consciously taking time for reflection on our conversations.

This list is perhaps not surprising, but do we actually do it, regularly and repeatedly, in between all of the busyness of life?

Why does all of this matter? Well, as Tom states, “coding skills [or BA skills] get you the job, influence gets you the career,” and good communication helps build relationships, which in turn brings influence.

Keen to know more?

Watch the recording or check out Tom’s article in Blackmetric’s BA Digest of Q3 2022.

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