Lean Coffee: The BA Career: Challenges and Opportunities

Our first lean coffee at RIZIV/INAMI in Brussels triggered interesting conversations on BA career paths, challenges and opportunities. You can read some of the key takeaways below. Keen to know more? Simply join us next time, as there will be more lean coffees in the future!




  • Roles and methods must be clear!
  • Don't be in firefighter mode - take a step back to see the big picture and provide an 'outside-in' perspective.
  • Get involved as a BA in your Agile team. Don't throw your deliverables over the wall and do incremental planning!
  • Nemawashi.


  • You can specialize in an industry, from within your own skills, from your experience.
  • As a junior BA: get connected with seniors, diversify your experience as much as possible, use what you know and be honest about what you don't know. Also, get clear on where you want to be in a few years. Crash, burn and get up (repeat :) ).
  • As a senior BA: share your knowledge, tools, experiences and provide honest feedback and support for juniors.
  • Action point: create a SWOT about yourself + make a long term plan and adapt a long the way!
  • Go from a career path to an area of interest path.


  • Be open and vulnerable and make clear what you can do and cannot do. Show you want to learn.
  • Communicate clearly to all colleagues.
  • Focus on your strong skills and be honest about your weaknesses.
  • In an interview do all the above and get the expectations right (in both directions).

Check some more reflections and pictures in Elena's (here and here) and Sevil's LinkedIn posts.

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