BABOK Study Group

IIBA® Brussels Chapter wants to foster awareness about the added value of business analysis for organisations. By promoting and facilitating the understanding of the BABOK®, we want to proactively contribute to the professionalisation of business analysis in Belgium. The more organisations will recognise this, the better the professionals will be recognised in their profession.

We do this by organising meetups for the BABOK study group in which we will:

  • Facilitate, present & discuss chapters of the BABOK interactively;
  • Exchange practical experiences between practitioners linked to the chapters discussed; 
  • Work in teams and make the BABOK come to life by applying ‘theory’ to real-life cases.

Such interaction really helps to understand the BABOK in ways that cannot be obtained by reading a paper or sitting in a classroom. It's a great way to learn from others, regardless of their experience. Solid explanations and interactive dialogue are indispensable for understanding all aspects of BABOK.

As in life, study group activities require students to form a basis for discussion to understand the nuances to perform a task or complete an objective. For those who have never performed a specific Business Analysis task before, the activity comes to life in a way not usually captured in dry, technical documentation, and allows the participant to better comprehend what is occurring and how it is solved. 

So make no mistake, this is not a simple reading of the BABOK Knowledge Areas, but a truly interactive and participative effort required from the participants. This is not limited to the sessions themselves, but requires additional preparation efforts and interaction with your colleagues outside the study group sessions. This allows participants to take maximum advantage of the support the IIBA Brussels Chapter offers you.

After the kick-off, where you can ask all your questions before starting the actual study group, we organise several follow-up sessions in which we start a discussion on each of the BABOK Knowledge Areas, ending with a presentation of a Case Study.

The participants will need to prepare themselves for each of these sessions. There will be several weeks between sessions to give participants sufficient preparation time.

Topics of the study droup sessions (8 in total):

  1. Kick-off Study Group;
  2. Knowledge Area "Planning & Monitoring";
  3. Knowledge Area "Elicitation & Collaboration";
  4. Knowledge Area "Strategy Analysis";
  5. Knowledge Area "Requirements Analysis & Design Definition";
  6. Knowledge Area "Requirements Life Cycle Definition";
  7. Knowledge Area "Solution Evaluation";
  8. Helicopter View Session "Connecting the Dots".

For a fee of 270,- Euro* you can participate in all sessions.

  • IIBA members enjoy a 50,- Euro discount.
  • Participants of a previous Study Group of the IIBA Brussels Chapter receive a discount of 50,- Euro.
  • In case you don't need a BABOK hard copy, a discount of 70,- Euro will be calculated.

All these discounts can be combined. We set this fee low because we are not aiming for profit, but we want to maximise the impact on the local BA community.

*This are the current fee and discounts for the running 2024 edition.