Online Event: Shaping tomorrow - Is sustainability any of my business?

Shaping tomorrow - Is sustainability any of my business?

In October, we hosted an online event with Ines Vanlangendonck, Morten Stender and Stefan Bossuwé.


Our takeaways

  • Let’s always remember the story of Alexander Selkirk and remember to see our planet as an island in a big sea.
  • We must preserve our planet for generations to come and remember that we live on only 30% of planet Earth, the rest is water.
  • There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew! -- Marshall McLuhan
  • Sustainable technology = low energy, long lifecycle, inclusive, with a sustainable goal.
  • It might take hundreds of years to grow a tree, but you can cut it in minutes…Key elements of business architecture: re-imagine, re-think, (re-)align and re-work.
  • Keywords of Sustainability requirements are inclusion and well-being.
  • Sustainability requirements: new in the business analysis standard! (new from November 2022)
  • The BA Standard definition of sustainability requirements: Assessment and description of goals that connect business, stakeholder, or solution requirements to an enterprise’s sustainability objectives. They describe how a business area or a specific initiative will deliver on those objectives.
  • The BA Standard definition of sustainability: Although there are several definitions of sustainability, they all refer to some version of executing an organization’s business model to meet current needs while preserving or conserving natural resources for future generations. Sustainability also includes optimizing social equity, health, and economic viability to achieve desired outcomes. Business analysis professionals need to apply this view to their work and deliver on the organization’s sustainability objectives.

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Watch the recording or check out the slides.

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