What business analysis achievement are you really proud of?
IIBA Brussels Chapter is a proud partner-organiser of the BA Achievement Award!   Business analysis adds value for organisations! Business analysis guides and facilitates changes in organisations. Sometimes this includes large and complex changes, sometimes the changes are smaller, but not...
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Webinar: How to turn ideas into excellence?
On the 6th of July we were honoured to welcome John Fraser and Will Pitchers for the webinar “Turning Ideas into Excellence”. John Fraser is BA Practise Lead at North Highland and a CBAP Certified Coach with 15 years of experience. Will Pitchers is part of the leadership team in North Highland’s...
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Un webinaire très intéressant, informatif et pratique présenté par Cédric Berger (MSc. Ba & SI, CBAP©, VMA©, PRVM© Value Designer) donne des références historiques, des définitions et des exemples d'application pratique de l'analyse de la valeur. L'évolution de la profession en matière de...
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Webinar: Agile Business Analysis for Excellence
Last week, on Thursday evening (May 27th 2021), IIBA Brussels Chapter organised a webinar with guest host Trent Leopold, talking about "Agile for Excellence".  Trent Leopold joins us regularly in the BA Café on Friday. Kristof Peeters, responsible for events at IIBA Brussels Chapter,...
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ECBA Certification changes in 2021
On Thursday 22nd of April,  Deirdre Caren was eager to share her insights in the certification exam specifically to the changes that have been integrated as of March 2021. Deirdre loved to share some tips and tricks which she is teaching in her courses preparing for the...
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Survey Community Event: Survey Engagement
"I see people doing surveys all the time," says Craig Leger, guest host at the 3rd survey community session, "but, I almost never see a follow-up, and that's what was different with you, at IIBA Brussels Chapter." * Our 2021 BA survey and the activities following it triggered the question: can...
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Événements en Français
Les événements en langue française Notre souhait de fournir plus d'informations en langue française aux analystes et aux personnes qui souhaitent le devenir a commencé à prendre forme. Cette page est mise à jour tous les mois.   JUIN 2024 IIBA Geneva Chapter Juin 27, 2024: 18:30 - 20:...
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Webinar: Why BA competencies are needed to become circular
With Michael Boyle's presentation, IIBA Brussels chapter attracted a wide audience from many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Canada and beyond.  One of the founders of the Austrian chapter and CBAP certified, Michael clearly also is an expert in Circular Economy. With...
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IIBA Brussels Chapter organises a Volunteering Speed Date
IIBA Brussels Chapter is looking to extend its volunteering family and active community. That's why we are organising a Volunteering Speed Date on the 29th and/or 31st of March 2021.  Do you believe in the purpose of enabling change for better business outcomes through...
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Survey Community Event: Growth Hacking for BAs
On the 23th of February, IIBA Brussels Chapter organised its second Survey Community Session, this time on "BA Training". It started with an introduction on the survey results on BA Training: This 10-minute introduction was then followed by a 20-minute insightful discussion on the following...
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