Survey Community Event: Growth Hacking for BAs

On the 23th of February, IIBA Brussels Chapter organised its second Survey Community Session, this time on "BA Training".
It started with an introduction on the survey results on BA Training:

This 10-minute introduction was then followed by a 20-minute insightful discussion on the following question: how to internalise newly gained knowledge to the advantage of you, your project and your client? 
The discussion was supported by participants making sticky notes on a virtual jam board:

These sticky notes can be summarized in 4 ways to hack your learning:
1) Teaching others by creating workshops and courses
2) Engage actively in your learnings in an informal and interactive way
3) Take a step back to analyze your study- and learning methods to see where you can an actively improve
4) Understanding the way your brain works and see how that reflects in your own learning and that of others

Credits to our wonderful and enthusiastic BA Community. 

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