Webinar: Agile Business Analysis for Excellence

Last week, on Thursday evening (May 27th 2021), IIBA Brussels Chapter organised a webinar with guest host Trent Leopold, talking about "Agile for Excellence"

Trent Leopold joins us regularly in the BA Café on Friday. Kristof Peeters, responsible for events at IIBA Brussels Chapter, invited Trent to talk with us and the next thing we knew, he enlightened over 50 participants with his talk on "Agile for Excellence".

Next to advising former (vice) presidents, Trent also has a license to fly with an aeroplane and participates in brain research. For his talk on "Agile for Excellence", he combined the knowledge gathered from these fields and linked it to Business Analysis, which made it interesting for us. Except for making the *first standing ovation over Zoom* happen, these were the key takeaways:

  • Excellence is a continuously moving target;
  • 28% of the typical workday is wasted by interruptions caused by unnecessary information;
  • Being in a flow state actually means paying less attention, instead of paying more attention;
  • Excellence, as a continuous moving target, requires an agile approach;
  • Agile allows for more focus & therefore more engagement throughout the workday.

By Saartje Lambregts

Where can I find the materials from this webinar?

You can rewatch the session on YouTube via the following link. The slides which were presented can be consulted here (supplement one, two, three and four). 

In case you can't get enough, here are some takeaways from our participants:


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