An Approach to GDPR - Leuven

November 14, the second edition of IIBA Brussels Chapter ‘An Approach to GDPR’ workshop. This time hosted at “The Business Analysts” in Leuven. Just over 40 people are welcomed with a variety of nice drinks and delicious food.

Xavier Darmstaedter, GDPR expert and our presenter for the evening, starts with a short but eye-opening explanation of the EU data privacy protection rules. People are sitting at the tip of their chair, you hear them listening, brains are spinning. It becomes clear “GDPR will impact us all, as well professionally as privately”. Everyone's attention is sharpened and the interest is tightened. The presentation ends with a list of GDPR issues.
The most popular topics are chosen and six occasional teams are formed, to discuss in group around one of the topics. People have various interest, background, age, experience and so on. The discussions are vivid, diverse and constructive. Everyone participates, nobody is left behind! Xavier runs between groups, answering questions and providing assistance.

After about 30 minutes of brainstorming, each team presents their finding. And more discussions arise, but this time with the complete audience. How to prevent breaches and how to detect them? Two way authentication, pseudonymization, strange behaviour detection were all discussed. “The right to be forgotten.” How do you do this? Anonymization,  removing data links, but what are the consequences? And what about the use of production data in a test environment?
Extremely interesting topics and; great and remarkable to see such an interaction and enthusiasm.

Networking continues over drinks, snacks and the remainder of the tasty food.

Another successful event. Thanks for your active presence and looking forward to meet you again on our next IIBA Brussels Chapter event.

The slides and the pictures taken during the event are added to the event page.