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An Approach to GDPR - Leuven

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 -
6:00pm to 10:00pm
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Most of you have already heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the latest privacy initiative from the EU, which has to be implemented in less than a year (deadline: May 25th 2018). Many organisations have already started their preparations or should start those very shortly.
What is your role as a business analyst to help your organisation with these preparations ? How do you start your analysis ? What approach will you take ? 
Xavier Darmstaedter will start the evening with a 15-20 minutes high-level presentation on the different topics of GDPR, such as rights of data subjects (e.g. right to information, right to be forgotten, ...), data processing principles (e.g. gather only what is necessary, no bundling of incompatible purposes, ...), etc ...
After his presentation, we will split up in groups, each group taking a GDPR topic in more detail, preferably with a case from a group member's organisation or a case organisation. Xavier will be available to help the groups on a chosen topic. 
This workshop:
  • will give you an idea on what GDPR exactly means
  • might give you a jumpstart to start (or continue) business analysis on GDPR (or maybe even on another subject) in your own organisation
  • will give you some insight of how your peers engage business analysis on a given topic

Target audience:

Anyone active in a business analysis role or with the intention to start a business analysis career.
Anyone else looking for ways to prepare the organization for the GDPR challenge.

About the speaker:

Xavier Darmstaedter is Engineer, Managing Partner of his own company DACOTA Consulting, active in Contract Management and Dispute Management. He graduated from the Universities of Louvain (1968), Brussels (1979) and Namur (2013).
He managed projects and teams for large organisations in Belgium: Philips, Generale Bank, Alcatel, Unisys, Belgacom. In 1991 he created his company to assist public and private customers in their purchases and projects.
He is a recognized expert, coach and trainer in Contract Management, in Procurement of Services and Projects, and in Dispute Management.
Xavier is Certified Judicial Expert in ICT and Procurement to the courts of Belgium and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. In addition, he is Certified Mediator in civil and commercial matters.
Currently he focuses on the new European General Data Privacy Regulation.


Pictures of the event can be found via our event page on the IIBA Brussels chapter Facebook

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In Leuven at The Business Analysts, Gaston Geenslaan 11 b4 - 3000 Leuven
Xavier Darmstaedter
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