Webinar: How to tell better stories?

Earlier in November, the IIBA Brussels Chapter hosted an inspiring online session with Bram Dyzers, business analyst and trainer at The Master Labs.

At least 30 million presentations are given each day! How many of those presentations actually succeed? We don't really know the answer to this question, but we do know that good presentations make or break your story. 

There's a five step process to tell better stories:

  1. Make great content;
  2. understand your audience;
  3. build a storyline that works;
  4. design the supporting visuals;
  5. tell the story.

All of these steps are elaborately explained in the Storytelling course on the Master Channel, one of the IIBA endorsed training providers. For this webinar, the focus lies with step three: build a storyline that works. 

A story line is usually made up of three parts:

  1. The setup;
  2. the confrontation;
  3. the resolution.

After sketching the setup and the confrontation verbally, the audience will be prompted to ask a question: why is there a change in the situation? What can we do about it ? 

Bram Dyzers also presented the "SCQ", which you can find here: scqa_template.pdf. The question in storytelling is not "do we need a SCQ? the question is: do we need a short or a long SCQ?

Finaly, you end your story by answering the question. But, also in a structured way: the most important argument is to be told first and the least important argument, should be mentioned last. 

Thanks to this webinar, we learned that good stories can be created using a clear structure and template. 

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