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Since when is process modelling called process improvement?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 -
6:30pm to 9:00pm
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Processes are the “things” by which organizations try to deliver products or services. Products and services hopefully solve the problems of their customers.
That’s why it’s no coincidence that process analysis is part of any Business Analyst’s job.
How is analyzing of a process usually done? By making a picture of blocks and arrows. Or, as consultants call it; modelling the process.
I did it myself. Till today, I modelled 289.345 processes. But do such process models represent the truth? Do they help us find the causes of bad performance? Do they help us improve the processes? When I was a kid, I thought so. Today, I’m not really sure anymore.
That’s why, together with you I’d like to:

  • Discuss why Process models don’t help to improve processes
  • Learn from you what worked and didn’t work for improving processes
  • Come up with some ideas and practices to improve the way processes are improved

So in short; the session will be a start for improving the job of process improvement. Will you help me?

Bio Emiel Kelly

As a child I dreamed of becoming a comedian. But, with a lack of humor, I ended up in the serious world of BPM. As a trainer. As a consultant. So, I had to spend many years in fancy buildings. In fancy suits. But, one day I had to conclude:

  • Good companies don’t care about BPM, they care about solving someone’s problem(s)
  • Every hour a “new” guru/method/ forum/vendor/opinion pops up in BPM world.
  • It’s easy get lost in all the BPM mumbo jumbo
  • BPM seems to be serious business, because some irony about the above isn’t appreciated very often.

That day I started Procesje.nl. Mainly to help organizations bring the essence back in their processes solving the problems of their customers.
I support that by blogging, tweeting and writing about BPM World. Not as a guru. But like the kid that asks the awkward questions. I write about what wonders, annoys and inspires me. Most of the time with a ;-). In my training trousers and flip flops.


  • 18:30 Welcome drink
  • 19:00 Keynote "Since when is process modelling called process improvement?" by Emiel Kelly
  • 20:30 Networking drink


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Emiel Kelly
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