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The role of the Future in the BA practice

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 -
6:30pm to 9:30pm

Information systems design is intrinsically linked to the Future, which can yield promising outcomes but also evoke anxieties, fears, or unrealistic expectations within projects and initiatives. Our relationship with the Future brings challenges that frequently generate tensions when striving for optimal solutions. Our time perspectives of past, present, and future influence our actions, decisions, and offered solutions. Thus, understanding time perspectives can shed new light on those challenges.

Our workshop offers an alternative way of thinking about the Future from a psychological point of view. We explore how harnessing the Future perspective can serve as a pivotal tool in business analysis. We will delve into the psychological traps connected with time perspectives that affect our actions, decisions and offered solutions. Finally, we explore the power of presence against the Future within activities related to AS-IS, TO-BE analysis, and distinguishing what customers want versus what they need.

The workshop combines various views of the role of time and the Future from:

  • Herbert A. Simon (Information system design, Organization design)
  • Philip Zimbardo (Psychology)
  • David Hawkins (Psychology)
  • Benjamin Hardy (Organizational Psychology)
  • Carlo Rovelli (Theoretical physicist)


  • 18:30: Doors open & Networking (on-site & online) with drinks & sandwiches (on-site; online = bring your own sandwiches & drinks ;-))
  • 19:00: Welcome by IIBA Brussels Chapter and Namahn
  • 19:10: The role of the Future in the BA practice
  • 20:30: Networking (on-site & online)
  • 21:30: Event end


Věra Králová



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Hybrid event
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Namahn, Grensstraat 21, 1210 Brussel, België
Věra Králová
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