IIBA Brussels Chapter: 10th Anniversary in a letter

Below, you can read a letter from Stefan Bossuwé, Joint-President of IIBA Brussels Chapter, on the occasion of our 10th Anniversary.

Dear BA enthusiast,

Twelve years ago - in September 2008, a bunch of BA enthusiasts - including myself - came together with the idea that there was a real need to do something around business analysis, at that moment a rather new role, and this for the Belgian and with extent the Luxembourgish region.

This resulted 2 years later in a non-profit organisation which exactly 10 years ago in October 2010 became an officially chartered IIBA chapter, where we positioned ourselves as ‘the’ place of professionalisation and collaboration in the world of business analysis.

Our mission back then and still today, is to become the centre of the BA community in Belgium and Luxembourg. The corresponding vision is to foster awareness on the value of business analysis, and to support and advance the skills and competencies of BA professionals … and this by organising educational and networking events, sharing best practices, and liaising with other professional organisations.

Those 10 years have been quite a journey in which not only our chapter evolved but also the BA role. Where originally the role was mainly focussed on solutions, specifically IT-solutions, we see more and more that the role is also taking its place beyond IT, which is an evolution that we applaud. Even more because - according to the IIBA’s core purpose - we BAs are or should be professionals that in the first place create or facilitate better business outcomes.

I’m so honoured to have been the chapter president from the very beginning, of which only the last year in a joint presidency, and I would like to thank all the people that have made our chapter possible. In the beginning our chapter was running on only a small group of people, mainly the board of directors, but currently our team has grown with - besides a board - also a number of volunteers. And it’s wonderful to see that from the original board of directors of 10 years ago, all but one are still part of the current team.

So, on this 10th anniversary as an IIBA Chapter … with lots of pride in my heart I will step down as a joint president by the end of this year. I will remain active within the Chapter, but whereas Filip Hendrickx and myself had shared the leadership this last year to facilitate a smooth transition, the full leadership will move to Filip. From what I’ve seen this last year but also the years before, I’m confident the Chapter will be in good hands.

Normally we would have loved to celebrate our 10 th anniversary physically, and we even considered to do that at the end of the BA&Beyond Conference 2020 … but unfortunately this won’t be possible. Sadly enough we’re forced to postpone our festivities to a later date, and we sincerely hope to be able to celebrate it next year. Keep an eye at our LinkedIn or Facebook page, or at our Chapter’s mailing list.

Be safe and healthy,

Stefan Bossuwé