The Big Belgian Business Analysis Survey 2020

Hi BA professional,

Your input is valuable!

In order to get to know you better, we are doing a survey to

  • discover the Belgian business analysis landscape;
  • and to map out the Belgian Business Analyst profile.

Help us out and fill in “the big Belgian Business Analysis survey 2020 here:

The IIBA Brussels chapter is here to support you and the Belgian Business Analysis community. In order to do that, we are launching "the Big Belgian Business Analysis Survey 2020” to get to know you and the way business analysis is conducted in your company. 

In preparation of the survey we launched a pre-survey to ask you how we can support you best. We listed some topics and asked you which topics you were interested to learn from most. For those of you who missed this pre-survey or want a little reminder, these are the topics that you could choose from:

  • profile (region, sector, …);
  • professional services (requirements analysis, testing, project management …);
  • activities, tools & techniques;
  • practice and maturity (of your role and organization);
  • IIBA membership;
  • events (conferences, webinars, …);
  • professional development (qualifications, training…);
  • career path;
  • salary.

On the results of the pre-survey, most of you were interested in almost every topic (safe to say business analysts are curious and never stop learning :) ) and some of you were even interested in topics that were not listed, like sustainability (not in the graphic):

The top three most popular are:

  1. Activities, tools and techniques: almost 84% of you thought that this was the subject you wanted to learn most about. 

  2. Professional services:  77% of the respondents was curious to learn where they are in the BA community on this topic.

  3. Practice and maturity of role and organization: almost 70% of you wants to know more about this topic. 

The topics that knew to capture your curiosity on a more mediocre level are:

  1. Professional development: 65% of you want to be questioned and learn about this.

  2. The Belgian Business Analyst: 60% of you want to know who we are and where we come from.

  3. Career path & salary, in a shared third place of mediocrity: 55% of you guys are interested in where you stand in the community career- and salary wise.

  4. Events: almost 45% of you were interested in our events like conferences and webinars.

The subject that you were least interested in is IIBA membership: only 12% of the respondents are interested in getting to know the IIBA membership and what it is all about. We thank you for your honesty, and no offense taken :) .

Thanks to you, our survey is now live. Although we won’t be able to discuss all of your topics of interest in the current survey, we prioritized to make sure we can support you to the fullest. We need at least 250 participants and this is how you can help us out:

  1. Fill in the survey

  2. Share the survey with your network and nominate at least 3 others to fill in the survey too #sharingiscaring

  3. Receive our big virtual appreciation!

Wishing you a wonderful day and stay safe,

IIBA Brussels Chapter Survey Team