Big Belgian BA Survey - Results coming soon

Dear BA professional,

In June we launched our first Big Belgian BA survey

  • to discover the Belgian business analysis landscape;
  • and to map out the Belgian Business Analyst profile.

In preparation of the survey we launched a pre-survey to ask you how we can support you best. We listed some topics and asked you which topics you were interested to learn more about. Here's a small reminder of the pre-survey results:

It appeared you were interested in almost every topic! Its' safe to say business analysts are curious and never stop learning :-), which is indeed confirmed by our full survey. Some of you were even interested in topics that were not listed, like sustainability.

We've received over 200 survey responses - which is great, thank you so much - and we are now finalising the report. It will be released it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more...

Wishing you a wonderful day and stay safe,

IIBA Brussels Chapter Survey Team.