BA: an eclectic approach, for different results

In between nice sandwiches and refreshing drinks, kindly provided by our host Ordina, Joris Bommers and Kristof Detaellenaere walked us through some interesting changes in the BA world.

First, Joris explained us the changes in the IIBA certification programme. After the update of the BABOK to version 3, the new multi-level, competency-based certification better supports the lifelong progression through-out a BA's career.

Then, Kristof shared with us his experience on a project for developing a new insurance comparison service. While he was only assigned to this project after the business case had been approved, Kristof was able to open up the conversation with his stakeholders on some decisions and predictions in the business case that just did not feel right. He showed us why he believes we have the right skills to do so and demonstrated some of the tools he used to engage stakeholders to have a second, critical look at the assumptions in their business case and proposed solution.

More important than the tools itself, however, are how you use them to tap into the organisational knowledge, asking advice from stakeholders, be it specific people, departments or your customers, that are sometimes consulted too late or not at all. Doing things in a new way and engaging new people does require you to get out of your comfort zone, but that should not hold you back to give it a try.

During the Q&A, the importance of the customer as an actively involved stakeholder and the links with design thinking were discussed.

As this was the first time we streamed our event live, you can check the presentation online on our brand new IIBA Brussels' YouTube channel. Make sure you share it with your colleagues, and let us know what you think about the seminar. The slides and the pictures taken during the event are added to the event page.

See you next time!